Privacy Statements

OptimumBank respects the importance of your personal information and is committed to protecting your privacy. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our privacy policies and be alert to possible fraudulent requests of your sensitive personal information.

Please note that OptimumBank will never ask you for personal or financial data via unsolicited electronic mail (e-mail) or ask you to establish, verify or confirm identity, personal or financial information through a link to our web site. Please report attempts to request such information immediately to any Branch Manager.

Privacy Policy

Customer Privacy Statement

As a customer of OptimumBank, you provide us with important financial information about yourself. Our customer privacy disclosure is furnished to all customers at the beginning of the banking relationship. Printed copies of our current privacy policies are available at every branch location and electronically via the link below. You will be notified by mail of any changes to our customer privacy policy. Any version with a revision date after the one below takes precedence.

Privacy Policy

If you should ever believe that our records contain inaccurate or incomplete information about you, please notify us. We will check our records and correct any discrepancies.

OptimumBank does not participate in any unsolicited commercial enterprise e-mail activities that are also referred to as “spam” or “junk e-mail”. You do not have to “opt-out” of future electronic correspondence with us. If appropriate, we may reply to e-mail that is sent to us, however that correspondence should never contain or request any sensitive personal or account information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (954) 900-2800.

Risks of Spyware To Your Privacy

The term “spyware” refers to technologies that collect information about a computer user without their knowledge and report that information to a third-party. Certain forms of spyware can intercept sensitive and confidential information including passwords, account numbers and other identifying data.

OptimumBank encourages all customers, especially those using their computers for online banking, to learn how to detect the presence of spyware and prevent it from installing. These steps typically include;

  • Installing and updating anti-spyware, virus protection and firewall software.
  • Adjusting browser settings to prompt you whenever a web site tries to install a new program or Active-X control.
  • Carefully reading all software licensing agreements (EULA’s) and avoid downloading software when they are unclear.
  • Maintaining patches and security updates to operating systems and browsers.
  • Not opening e-mail from untrustworthy sources.

Online Privacy Statement

Information Collection

OptimumBank does not collect non-public information about visitors to our web site.
We maintain visit statistics including referral IP addresses, frequency of visits, length of stay and popularity of specific page requests. This data helps us make improvements to our web site content by understanding how visitors use it. We do not share any of this information with other parties.

Links to Other Sites

Our web site contains links to other web sites and applications that we do not control. Our privacy policies do not apply to these other locations. We try to provide you with an alert when this happens, but it is ultimately your responsibility to recognize the source of the information being received. Please check the privacy policies of these linked sites before sharing any identifying information with them.

Security of Information

Should you choose to contact us electronically via e-mail be advised that this type of communication is not considered secure. Do not include any sensitive personal information (such as account numbers, ATM or Visa Debit Card numbers or social security numbers) in e-mail correspondence with us. No representative of the bank should ever ask for sensitive personal information by e-mail or through a link to a web page or form.

Prevent Identity Theft

Be cautious of web pages or e-mail that mimic our name, logo and content and ask for a reply (typically referred to as “phishing” scams). Remember, OptimumBank will not contact you via unsolicited e-mail and our web site does not ask you to provide or to confirm any personal information.