About Us

Our History 

OptimumBank was founded in November 2000 by a group of local Broward County businessmen. They decided to reverse the trend of out of state mega-banks and give the area a true community bank. In the spirit of a “true” community bank, the directors provided local investors, both big and small, a chance to own a piece of the new bank.

The bank focuses on traditional in-person banking with business and consumers residing in South Florida. Our customers found a bank that isn’t charging the exorbitant fees they were experiencing at the larger financial institutions, a bank having unmatched expertise in real estate and commercial lending.

Local banks are becoming rarer in South Florida. It’s the belief of the investors, directors and employees that a combination of internet and traditional community bank is the “optimum” way to bank.

Additional information about OptimumBank Holdings and its corporate governance can be found within the Information Center.